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Who We Are Spider Silk Design

Our Vision

At Spider Silk, we focus on the creative aspects of web site development as well as the technical, and everything from the sites we create to the training we provide reflects the fact that we regard the World Wide Web as a medium for creativity and communication, not just commerce.

We also believe very strongly in working with our clients, rather than simply for them, and in being responsive to our clients’ needs rather than imposing our own structure on them. If you are already familiar with HTML, but want some help in creating exciting graphics for a site you’re working on, we’ll be happy to help, without insisting on taking over the development of the site. Likewise if you're comfortable with the graphical end of things but need help with the technical. We offer help where it's needed and wanted, rather than trying to impose it where it's not, and you can be as involved as you want to be in the creation of your site.

Accessibility is another quality we value highly, both in terms of technology and affordability. We try our best to make all our sites as accessible as possible to people working with a wide range of browsers and platforms. And in addition, we try to keep our rates reasonable enough that our services are accessible to an equally wide range of clients. We offer a sliding scale on many of our services to non-profit organizations and others in need.


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