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Even though the days when many people thought adding .com to a company name was a licence to print money are long gone, there are still plenty of ways to turn a profit on the web. E-commerce could have been just a subsection of the Programming page, but it's popular enough, and has enough complexities and special considerations of its own that we thought it deserved a page to itself.

There are many types of clients interested in e-commerce services, from retail stores who want to broaden their customer base beyond their local area by selling online, to nonprofit organizations looking for a secure way to accept donations and memberships, to business that exist on the web and nowhere else. And no one solution will suit all of them. What works for a large corporation with deep pockets and hundreds or thousands of expected sales per day will not work for a small mom-and-pop business on a severely limited budget who are expecting maybe a couple of online sales a week... or vice-versa.

There are many different options out there, from high-end systems requiring dedicated servers, to mid-range shopping cart scripts that are full-featured but will run on a shared server, to simple shareware scripts suitable for small stores, to remotely hosted services for those who don't even have access to a secure server. We've set up stores using many of the above, depending on what fits the particular client's needs -- there's no one-size fits all answer. Whatever your needs are, we can assess them, advise you on possible solutions, and implement whatever you need, all with security, stability and ease of use in mind.

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