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Domain Registration

For some time now, we've been telling people that we think Dotster.com is the best place to register a .com, .net or .org domain. We've tried several registrars, and they're by far our favourite. Not only are their prices good ($14.95 US/year) and their site easy to use, but their security is excellent — an important consideration given the wave of domain name hijackings at Network Solutions (NSI) a while back. Like many of the newer registrars, access to their domain management system is password protected — but unlike most other registrars, the form on which you enter your password on Dotster is hosted on a secure server, so it would be next to impossible for even a dedicated hacker to steal your password.

$14.95 Domain Names from www.dotster.comSo they're well worth checking out even if you already own the domain name you want, because it's possible to transfer a domain from one registry to another, so that you can have the advantage of a more secure system, and a lower price when it comes up for renewal.

But now, we have to make a slight change to our recommendation — the best place to register a domain is right here! Does that mean we don't like Dotster any more? Nope. It means we liked them enough to sign on as resellers. So now you can search for and register domains, transfer them from another registrar, check out expired domains, try out different combinations of words, and log into your Dotster account, all from right here on our own site!

We offer you the same low price that Dotster does, and you pay through their secure server. Note that your web browser may give you a warning about entering another site when you click on any of the links below, though, because they're all located on Dotster's secure system, even though we've dressed them up to look like the rest of our site.

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