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A web site devoted to the Storyteller/World of Darkness gaming system from White Wolf Game Studios, in particular Changeling: The Dreaming, Mage: The Ascension, Vampire: the Masquerade and Werewolf: the Apocalypse.

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The idea here is that the various articles, stories and links that compose the site are (or will be) introduced by various characters in the context of an interactive story. You find your way to the information you want by talking to the different characters you encounter. Some will find this interesting and some will find it annoying, but there are plenty of other World of Darkness sites out there for those who would prefer a straight list of links and files. I thought I'd prefer to do something a little different, and besides, what could be more appropriate to the Storyteller gaming system than telling a story?

This site eternally still under construction; I will be adding to it on an ongoing basis. Right now; it's still young; there are only eight pages up at the moment, and I haven't been updating it nearly as often as I originally intended to. If a character in the story says they don't have time to talk about something right now, or that they'll get back to you later, or something like that, it means the topic referred to is something I'm still working on that will be added to the site at a later date.

Shall we begin?

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