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Here's a small assortment of sites we've created or contributed to over the past nine years (in the case of collaborative projects, our role will be indicated in the description). It's by no means a complete list — we've launched over 90 sites since we began — just a representative sampling:

Aestus Rogers Photography
A portfolio site for a portrait and fine art photographer, based around the Gallery2 image gallery. The visual design was based around the photo the artist chose as a signature image.
Allemby Management Group Inc. (AMGI)
Web site of a longtime client of ours, an executive search firm. Created using the Drupal CMS, as are an increasing number of our sites. In this case, the CMS allows the client to easily post new job openings, and visitors to the site to apply for them online. The look is clean, fresh and airy, using a customized version of the Austin Zen theme for Drupal.
Angela Park
A site for a classical pianist, with simple but elegant design, downloadable music samples, and a PDF press kit.
A site for a custom woodworking company, with a warm, organic feel and a classic look. Created in Drupal, and featuring an image gallery of their work.
Breath Song
Created for a counsellor and psychotherapist who uses sound, breath and music techniques, this site accordingly has a more artistic feel than many therapists' sites. It was created in Drupal, using a heavily modified version of the Agregado theme.
Carolyn Dallman Downes
Another Drupal site for a psychotherapist, with a custom theme based around stained glass imagery for an elegant, contemplative feel.
Condo Information Centre
An independent information resource for present and future condo owners, in the format of an online book. It makes extensive use of the Drupal Book module, and has a clean and uncluttered design based on the Zen Classic theme.
Dance Our Way Home
A site for a women's dance/meditation practice, also in Drupal. We created a modified version of the Skyroots Drupal theme, for a look that was both spiritual d distinctly feminine.
Earthtones Painters
A site for a painting company, using fresh, natural colours, and imagery taken from the founder's nature photography, to reflect the inspiration behind their work.
Falling For Caroline
A promotional site for a short film, craeted in Drupal, using the Tapestry theme with a custom colour set drawn from the shades of the main photo used in promotional materials for the film, and several other customizations.
Law Office of Gabrielle Pop-Lazic
This site, for a family lawyer and counsellor, was based on a template supplied by the client, which we customized to give her site more of a unique and personalized look.
Magenta Publishing for the Arts
Magenta is an arts organization our founder has been working with for many years. They operate several web sites, which have been created as collaborative projects in which we handled the technical side of the projects and another designer handled the visuals.
  • Magenta Publishing for the Arts — the main Magenta site, featuring a PHP and PostgreSQL-based online submission and jurying system that we developed, enabling artists to submit their work for books and exhibitions, and jurors to review and vote on the submissions
  • Flash Forward Festival — web site of Magenta's biennial arts festival. Based in Drupal, with event listings, image galleries, signup forms for volunteers, and more.
  • Magenta Magazine — Magenta's online magazine, the web site for which has been completely rebuilt as the focus shifted from a fairly simple site for a print publication to its current fully online form. Based in Drupal, it makes extensive use of the e-Publish and Node Gallery modules to group content into issues and place image galleries within articles.
  • Magenta Television — a video-based site created in PHP.
  • One Shot: A Lifetime of Work by George Pimentel (New!) — Magenta's newest project, a promotional site for an upcoming book and exhibition on the work of celebrity photographer George Pimentel. Created in PHP, with an extensive image gallery of the artist's work.
Margaret Robinson
A profile site for a writer, activist and academic, with a vintage aesthetic.
Okku Design (New!)
Web site for a Toronto art studio producing handmade greeting cards and other paper goods. Created in Drupal, with the Ubercart e-commerce module, with a clean, airy look incorporating various paper textures.
The Poetic Lens
A portfolio site for a nature photographer, incorporating a ZenPhoto gallery with the ZenPage CMS, and an e-card section. The ZenPage theme was extensively customized, including using SiFR to display the titles in a custom font.
Steve Stober Photography
A portrait photographer's site, with an elegant but minimalist black and white design to complement his traditionally shot black and white studio portraits. Includes an image gallery created using ZenPhoto, and an e-cards section based on Belchior Foundry's vCard Lite PHP script.
Vicente Gannam, MA, PhD
A site for a counsellor specializing in issues of spirituality and religion, originally done as a simple one-page brochure site, and now redesigned and expanded using Drupal, with a Flash intro.
Sue MacLeod/Woman of Letters (New!)
A fairly simple Drupal site for a writer and editor, with a colourful look, and punctuation marks used as a recurring visual motif.
World Fellowship for Schizophrenia and Allied Disorders
A multilingual information site for a global nonprofit organization, with a clean and quick-loading, but also eye-catching, design.
Write Marketing
Portfolio site for a copywriter, with a visual aesthetic centred around vintage typewriters. Built in Drupal, using SiFR to display titles and menus in a custom font
Yehuda Fisher
A promotional site for a local musician and poet, using the Joomla content management system. Includes an events calendar, online MP3 player, photo gallery and more.

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